About Bergamo Woodworks

Creating the best wooden furniture and décor doesn’t just happen. It takes skill, knowledge, and planning. The process for creating Bergamo Woodworks products is comprehensive and tested.


Design is the first step in creating anything. Our goal with product design is to combine beauty and usability in unique ways. Bergamo products are functional while adding a touch of “WOW” to your décor. We meticulously design every piece for Bergamo. They serve their intended purpose – while giving you and your guests something really nice to look at.

Wood Decor Design


Great design built with substandard materials is a crime. (Well, not literally, but you know what we mean.) A product is only as good as the materials one uses to make it. That’s why we exclusively use top-quality woods and components in Bergamo pieces. We only select woods that are top grade and kiln-dried. And we source them from suppliers with sustainability as a stated objective.

We also strive to use low-VOC products for finishes, water-soluble glues, and no veneers or pre-made panels. This ensures your piece will last and that we have a livable planet for a bit longer.


When you’re doing what you love, it shows in your work. And we love creating beautiful things out of wood. We use a variety of joinery techniques and age-old woodworking methods to create truly superior quality products. These techniques have taken years to perfect, and the end result is products that last. Bergamo products are not meant to be replaced – ever. They are designed and built to be used and enjoyed for a lifetime, and beyond. That’s why some call them heirloom pieces.